Royal Purple Max-Cycle 20W50 Motor Oil 1 qt Case of 6 P/N 06316

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  • Royal Purple Max-Cycle 20W50 Motor Oil 1 qt Case of 6 P/N 06316


  • Specifically Formulated To Exceed The Demands Of Highly Stressed Motorcycle Engines And Transmissions
  • Recommended For Use In Both Air-Cooled And Liquid-Cooled 4-Cycle Engines And Is Compatible With Wet-Clutch Transmissions
  • Formulated With Select Synthetic Base Oils And Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® Additive Technology
  • Provides Improved Film Strength When Compared To The Leading Synthetic And Mineral Oils
  • Shear Stability And Oxidation Resistance Keep Engines Operating At A Lower Temperature, Freeing Up Horsepower

Motor Oil - Max-Cycle - 20W50 - Synthetic - 1 qt - Motorcycle - Set of 6 Max-Cycle synthetic engine oil is available in 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50, and is specifically formulated to exceed the demands of highly stressed motorcycle engines and transmissions. It is recommended for use in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines and is compatible with wet-clutch transmissions. Formulated with select synthetic base oils and Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, Max-Cycle provides improved film strength when compared to the leading synthetic and mineral oils. Max-Cycle’s shear stability and oxidation resistance keep engines operating at a lower temperature, freeing up horsepower. Max-Cycle meets or exceeds API requirements and is rated JASO MA2, the highest wet clutch compatibility rating under the JASO T903:2011 Clutch Friction Test. Max-Cycle is compatible with other mineral and synthetic engine oils. No flushing is necessary prior to use. Max-Cycle’s high film strength dramatically reduces wear. Take a look at the pictures of cam chain tensioners below.

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