ROYAL PURPLE 5w20 Multi-Grade SAE Oil 1 Quart ROY01520

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  • 5w20 Multi-Grade SAE Oil 1 Quart ROY01520 Performance Oil Shop


ROYAL PURPLE 5w20 Multi-Grade SAE Oil 1 Quart ROY01520

  • Enhanced Additive Technology Prevents Metal-To-Metal Contact Beyond Both Dexos1™* And Ilsac Gf-5 Specs
  • A Low Coefficient Of Friction Results In Optimized Fuel Efficiency (The Fuel Economy Of Our 5W-30 Meets The Fuel Economy Requirements Of A 5W-20 Oil)
  • Patented Zddp Additives Optimize Emissions Catalyst System Life
  • Patented Additive Technology Prevents The White Sludge And Lubrication Starvation That Can Occur With 20% Or Higher Ethanol Fuel
  • Superior Corrosion Protection - No Rust Observed In Standard Industry Testing

Royal Purple’S Api-Licensed Motor Oil Combines Premium Base Oils With Proprietary Additive Technologies To Create High Performance Motor Oils That Optimize Engine Performance. Royal Purple’S Api-Licensed Motor Oil Delivers Superior Protection And Improves Performance In Gasoline And Diesel Engines. Royal Purple Api-Licensed Oils Meet Warranty Requirements Of Most Passenger Car And Light Trucks Sold In The U.S./North America. See The Product Data Sheet For Additional Specifications.

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